Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Yin Song retreat, booking, and more below. If you have additional questions, feel free to send us an email, and we’ll assist you.

What’s included in the package? (Refer to the retreat landing page for package details)

– 3 meals and snacks each day
– All activities outlined in the program
– Boat transportation to and from the venue
– Accommodation during the retreat dates
– Daily housekeeping
– Internet access (starlink) – WiFi

What’s NOT included in the retreat package?

– Flight tickets are not included (NB! It’s advisable to book as early as possible – remember cancellation insurance/ability to cancel flight tickets if something unforeseen happens)
– Accommodation before and after the retreat is not included, but we can assist in finding accommodation if needed. Paraiso da Vida can also be rented after the retreat if you wish to stay longer. Ask about the price per day including 3 daily meals.
– Food outside the retreat dates (04-10 Oct) must be covered independently
– Any other personal purchases from local artisans

Beyond this, everything is included between 04-10 Oct.

Where is the retreat held?

The retreat takes place in Brazil, in an area known as the Caribbean of the Amazon, renowned for its beautiful white beaches and blue rivers. Specifically, it’s located at the mouth of the Rio Arapoiuns river at a place called Paraiso da Vida – Retreat & community, also known as Villaarapiuns.

When should I book my flight ticket?

Book your flight tickets as soon as possible after booking the retreat ticket, but remember cancellation insurance and the possibility of canceling if something happens. Flight tickets won’t get cheaper as the travel date approaches.

How do I get there?

You’ll fly to Santarèm Airport (State of Para, Brazil – not Santarem in Portugal!).

Tip! Use,, or to find the best and most affordable flight routes. Estimated round-trip flight ticket prices range from approximately 12,000 to 16,000. Cities with connections to Santarem typically include Belem, Sao Paulo, Rio, and Brasilia. This means you’ll need to have a layover in one of these cities before continuing to Santarem Airport domestically.

Then, transportation by speedboat or slow boat (river ferry) to the retreat venue is arranged for 04 Oct. Further details will be provided, and you’ll meet a facilitator for this.

It may be worthwhile to spend a couple of days or more before and after the retreat in Alter do Chao (40 minutes by taxi from the airport), a beautiful port city on the riverbanks and a highly popular Brazilian destination.

We can arrange airport pickup either to Alter do Chao or Santarem, but the cost for this must be covered by the participant and is normally around 120 Reais (BRL).

We can also help you find a hotel or pousada in Alter do Chao for those arriving before the departure date and needing accommodation. It’s advisable to plan your trip well in advance and perhaps also spend a few days in Alter di Chao to “acclimatize” or settle in. It’s also recommended to stay a few extra days at Paraiso da Vida after the retreat if you have the opportunity. This can be booked separately from the retreat ticket for those who contact us and wish to do so.

How much luggage is needed?

It’s advisable to travel with only carry-on luggage. You’ll only need lightweight clothing there, with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius year-round and an average of 30 degrees during the period. It’s recommended to avoid large suitcases as they can be more expensive; pack everything in a travel suitcase and bring along a backpack and a purse. Follow the rules for what’s allowed to bring and not, and pack liquids in small travel containers.

In all exotic locations, it can be beneficial to bring oregano oil, silver water (in a maximum 100 ml travel container), and activated charcoal as there is different bacterial flora in exotic countries than in colder regions. You can find these at

Are couples welcome?

Yes, we warmly welcome couples to all our retreats. Many choose to travel together on a journey like this for a different vacation experience together. It’s also common to travel with a sister, a best friend, or a family member.

I don’t speak much English; can I still participate?

Yes, we accommodate. Instruction will be given in both Norwegian and English, and much of the communication will be in English as Chris, one of the instructors, doesn’t speak Norwegian. Iselin is Norwegian and can assist with translation and provide extra information in Norwegian if desired.

What happens if the retreat is canceled?

If the retreat is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded 100% of the amount you paid for the retreat. We recommend EVERYONE to have their own travel insurance, in addition to flexible flight tickets that can be canceled in time. Yin Song- Inner Connection retreat and Paraiso de Vida do not cover any cancellation of flight tickets.

Is a visa required for visiting Brazil?

No, you automatically receive a 3-month entry when you arrive in Brazil; you don’t need to apply for a visa.

What happens if I get sick during the trip?

If illness occurs during the trip, we’ll do our best to take care of you! Medical supplies will be available at the locations in case of an emergency, and we’ll need to quickly return to the mainland. Any costs of doctor/hospital visits etc. must be covered through travel insurance. Personal travel insurance is a requirement to participate in our retreat.

Are travel vaccinations required?

No, vaccinations are not required, and the area also does not have malaria, and there are almost no mosquitoes in the area during the period. There’s also no significant risk of jaundice. Beyond that, we have a medical kit on-site and a boat available if needed.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered on these pages, you can contact us here.