Yin Song
Inner connection Retreat

All packages

  • 3 meals and snacks every day
  • Everything included in the program
  • Boat transportation to and from the venue
  • Accommodation during the retreat dates
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Internet access (starlink) – WiFi

Here are the package solutions for the retreat. You have a lot to look forward to!

The EARLY BIRD price is valid until the end of June or for the first 10 participants who book.

The packages consist of the following:

1. A full cabin for yourself – Having a cabin of nearly 100 m2 for yourself is an extra luxury. The price is higher, of course, and depends on the number of participants. If we need to make changes afterward, you will be refunded any difference if you choose this option.

2. Shared cabin with one person of the same gender or for couples. This is an ideal solution if you are not traveling with friends. The cabin is spacious.

3. Shared cabin with two other people of the same gender – Most economical version. We have some cabins that are ideal for this solution. This is the most economical of the packages.

Our cabins are approximately 100 m2, spacious with ample room, beautiful specially designed octagonal cabins on 2 floors with a bathroom with toilet and shower and bedrooms on the 2nd floor, in addition to an almost 30 m2 terrace ideal for hanging hammocks for a good siesta or to relax between programs. Some also prefer to sleep in a hammock instead of a bed, and there is also the possibility for that.

Securing your spot as soon as possible is advisable! This is because flight tickets do not get cheaper as the retreat date approaches, and because the early bird price offers you a significant discount. If you have any questions you need answers to before making a decision, you can call or send an email, but first check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Need to split the payment?

Whatever you choose, we also offer a convenient installment solution that allows you to spread the costs over time. You will find KLARNA in the payment window AFTER checkout when you order your package.

Payment can be divided from 3 to 36 parts so that it is manageable to invest in yourself.

If you do not get approved by Klarna, you can ask us about installment payments in 3 parts (the first part functions as a deposit, the last part must be paid no later than 30 days before the retreat). If this method is used, there is an invoice fee of 500NOK.


PRIVATE CABIN (your own room)

Total value:  49499 NOK
Early Bird prie: 35999 NOK (incl. 30 Juni, only for the first 10 tickets)
Save 13500 NOK now (27% discount)

Save 27% now

NOK 35990



SHARED ROOM with 2 of same gender
(or a couple – price per person)

Total value:  44999 NOK
Early Bird price: 29999 NOK (incl. 30 Juni, only for the 10 first tickets)
Save 15000 NOK now (33% discount)

Save 33% now

NOK 29999


SHARED ROOM, 3 of samme gender

Total verdi:  41750 NOK
Early Bird price: 26999 NOK (incl. 30 Juni, only for the 10 first tickets)
Save 14751 NOK now (35% discount)

Save 35% now

NOK 26999


In this video, you’ll see an exciting interview between Kjetil Dreyer (Grateful Nature), Iselin Amanda Støylen, and Chris Mapstone about the Yin Song – Inner Connection retreat at Paraiso da Vida in the Amazon, Brazil.

The interview provides valuable answers and guides you towards a deeper inner connection through participation in this very unique and exotic retreat.

This is something quite extraordinary, and you may have already understood that. By watching the interview, you’ll also gain a slightly deeper insight into the value it can offer you, the history behind it, the people organizing it, and also the retreat location owned by the founders of Grateful Nature.

Click on the play icon below to watch the video.